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October 16, 2013

World Food Day: What Role Do You Play?

Posted by Agricen

Today, World Food Day, is a good time to reflect on the roles each one of us plays in preventing hunger, whether by improving food systems to make them more sustainable (the theme of this year’s World Food Day), ensuring better, more equitable access to food, or simply reducing food waste at home.

Currently, food production is at a level that can meet the world’s needs, yet 842 million people around the world still go hungry. In the coming decades, when the world population is expected to rise dramatically it will take major commitment and innovation across industries and at multiple levels to make sure we all have enough to eat, and access to it.


As a manufacturer of sustainable biochemical crop inputs, our goal is to help growers increase production, while also producing more efficiently to reduce their environmental footprint. It’s the role Agricen is playing to help feed a growing world, and one part of the equation of helping to make the food system more sustainable. Watch the video below or view our resources page to learn more about how our biochemical technology is improving production agriculture.




Topics: Sustainability, Ag Biologicals & Biostimulants