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October 13, 2020

How Do Extract PBA & Titan XC Enhance Fall Crop Nutrition Programs?

Posted by Agricen

Already a busy period, harvest is also the time for growers to begin planning for next season's crop. Fall planning can be critical to having a less stressful planting season in the spring. Incorporating Titan XC and Extract PBA into fall plans is one way that growers can set themselves up for success in the season ahead.

Agricen's Stephen Sexton breaks down the benefits of these biocatalyst products and explains where they fit into fall programs.


Topics: Crop Residue, Dry Fertilizer, Poultry Litter, Titan, Ag Biologicals & Biostimulants, Extract PBA, Manure

May 21, 2013

Maximizing Poultry Litter Applications with Accomplish Technology

Posted by Agricen

Poultry litter, an organic fertilizer, is loaded with many of the essential nutrients necessary for plant growth. Before plants can utilize these organic nutrients, they must be converted (mineralized) into inorganic forms, or cations and anions (i.e. (NO3-, NH4+, HPO4-2 or K+). The speed of this conversion depends on several factors, including temperature, moisture, pH and the base material used in the litter, particularly its carbon to nitrogen (C:N) ratio.


Topics: North Carolina, Poultry Litter, Corn, Accomplish LM, Missouri

April 26, 2013

Getting the Most Out of Poultry Litter Applications

Posted by Agricen

Throughout the Southeast, growers are increasingly incorporating poultry litter into their fertility programs. One reason for this trend is the increasing price of commercial fertilizers, which makes poultry litter an enticing option for growers due to its cheaper cost and nutrient benefit. However, one drawback with organic fertilizer sources such as litter or other manures is that large portions of the analyzed nutrients are bound in plant-unavailable forms. How, then, can growers increase the availability of the nutrients within poultry litter?


Topics: Arkansas, Poultry Litter, Corn, Accomplish LM