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May 17, 2021

[Watch Webinar] How to Enhance UAN Sidedress for Maximum Corn Yields

Posted by Agricen

Not all forms of nitrogen in UAN are readily available for crop uptake when applied. How can growers get the most out of every unit of UAN sidedress they apply to help them reach their maximum yield potential?

Watch the on-demand webinar, "How to Enhance UAN Sidedress for Maximum Corn Yields," to learn:

  • How to improve the efficiency and efficacy of UAN sidedress applications

  • When growers should apply UAN sidedress for optimal benefits

  • How enhancing UAN sidedress with Extract PBA can provide nutrient efficiency and yield benefits

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May 5, 2020

[Watch] Sidedressing Nitrogen for Maximum Yields

Posted by Agricen

Our latest webinar, "Sidedressing Nitrogen for Maximum Yields," is now available to watch online. 

During this on-demand webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to improve the efficiency and efficacy of sidedress nitrogen applications  
  • Understand how incorporating biocatalyst technology into a sidedress application can help maximize crop yield potential by ensuring that applied nitrogen is available during peak crop demand

Topics: Sidedress, Corn, Webinars, Accomplish LM, Extract PBA

June 5, 2019

How to Enhance a Sidedress Nitrogen Application to Maximize Corn Yield

Posted by Agricen

After planting, there are still important decisions corn growers must make to ensure a good harvest. One key decision is how to manage a sidedress nitrogen application in a way that maximizes N use efficiency and increases yields, particularly during periods of low or declining commodity prices.

When planning a sidedress N application, there are two key points that growers should consider to ensure maximum corn performance and yield:


Topics: Sidedress, Corn, Accomplish LM, Nebraska, Missouri

June 19, 2017

[Agribusiness Radio] How Accomplish Provides Positive Returns with Sidedress

Posted by Agricen

Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network spoke with Scott Lay about making sidedress applications pay off with Accomplish LM

Iowa Agribusiness: Tell me about Accomplish LM.

Lay: Accomplish is a product we've had on the market for several years. It's a fertilizer biocatalyst, which is a product that makes nutrients more available to the plant. It mineralizes nutrients that may otherwise be bound up in the soil, creating a better outcome or yield result in the crop. 

Iowa Agribusiness: Obviously farmers are going to have to put on more nitrogen this year. So this is a supplement to go along with that?


Topics: Sidedress, Corn, Accomplish LM

June 12, 2017

[RFD IL Radio] Getting the Full Value Out of Sidedress Nitrogen

Posted by Agricen

RFD IL Radio Network spoke to Scott Lay about getting the full value out of sidedress nitrogen applications. Below is an excerpt from their conversation.

RFD: Given the wet weather we had earlier this year, is there a question of how much nitrogen growers need to put on their fields?

Lay: The number of additional units of nitrogen needed–if any–is based on the amount of precipitation and type of environmental conditions growers have experienced since planting. Today, we have a number of nitrogen modeling tools that we can use to help make this determination, which makes it more of an exact science than it has been in the past.


Topics: Sidedress, Corn, Accomplish LM

June 9, 2017

[Hoosier Ag Today] Making Sidedress Nitrogen Pay Off

Posted by Agricen

Now that growers finally have their corn planted, many are considering adding more nitrogen to their fields. Scott Lay spoke with Hoosier Ag Today about why sidedressing supplemental nitrogen is a positive practice.

Hoosier Ag Today: Our heavy spring rains in Indiana have reduced a lot of the nitrogen that would normally be available for a corn crop this year. Scott Lay, with Loveland Products, says that sidedressing nitrogen is a practice that makes economic and agronomic sense this year.

Lay: Any time you can more closely align your nitrogen application with when the corn plant needs it, you're able to get a better result. In addition, a supplemental application of nitrogen in season is more environmentally sound, because less nitrogen is prone to loss. Given some of the weather this spring, I think it's important that we take a good, hard look at how much nitrogen is available to the growing corn plant, and then ascertain how much nitrogen may be needed.


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June 5, 2017

Meeting Corn Nutrient Needs with Sidedress Nitrogen

Posted by Agricen

Although it’s tempting for growers to put out all of their nitrogen early in the season when it’s easier to apply, splitting the application into a pre-plant and a sidedress application can be an effective way to ensure that the corn crop has enough nitrogen to meet its needs at peak demand. This can be especially beneficial in wet years where leaching of pre-plant nitrogen is likely to have occurred.


Topics: Sidedress, Corn, Accomplish LM

May 31, 2017

Answers to 3 Common Questions about Sidedressing Nitrogen on Corn

Posted by Agricen

Below we answer three common questions on corn nitrogen demands and discuss ways to make the most efficient sidedress application.

When does a corn crop need most of its nitrogen?

Growers often want to put nitrogen out early in the season—when it is easier to apply—to get their corn crop “up and going.” However, actual peak nitrogen demand for corn is right before tassel (V10 – V14), continuing on through grain fill. Making a sidedress nitrogen application can be an effective way of making sure the crop has the nitrogen it needs when demand is greatest.


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May 26, 2017

[Webinar] Improve the Efficiency & Efficacy of Sidedress Nitrogen Applications

Posted by Agricen

With cool temperatures and wet conditions this spring, many growers will experience loss of pre-plant nitrogen, making sidedress nitrogen an especially important application this season.


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May 16, 2016

Why It Makes Sense to Sidedress Nitrogen

Posted by Agricen

We all know the importance of nitrogen in producing a high-yielding corn crop, but it is easy to forget or even ignore that the timing of an nitrogen application can be the key to maximizing its benefits.

Nitrogen applied pre-plant can be susceptible to loss through volatility, denitrification or leaching, which means it may not be available for use by the crop at critical stages. Peak demand for nitrgen in a corn crop comes between V10-V14 (right before tasseling) and, although the demand measured in pounds of nitrogen taken up per day may slow, N is still a critical factor in grain fill.


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