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May 24, 2023

[On-Demand] Terramar: A New Way to Help Row Crops Stand Up to Stress

Posted by Agricen

How can growers mitigate the effects of weather-related crop stresses like heat and dry conditions while also increasing nutrient uptake by their crops during the growing season?

Watch our on-demand webinar, "Introducing Terramar: A New Way to Help Row Crops Stand Up to Stress," to hear:

  • How Terramar improves crop tolerance to abiotic stresses while enhancing nutrient uptake

  • Why Terramar is a good fit for any row crop program, including corn, soybean, and wheat

  • Details about application timing, trial results, and more

Intended for foliar use in row crops, Terramar delivers increased nutrient uptake and enhanced stress mitigation to optimize plant health and contribute to enhanced yield.


Topics: Soybeans, Wheat, Corn, Webinars, Foliar Applications, Abiotic stress, Terramar

March 6, 2017

How Do IBA, Kinetin & Nutrient Mobilization Impact Crop Performance?

Posted by Agricen

Read this Q&A for a brief introduction to IBA, kinetin and other compounds that aid in plant growth and functioning—and learn how they can help optimize plant performance.

What are IBA and kinetin, and how do they benefit crops?

IBA (which stands for indolebutyric acid) and kinetin are two different types of plant growth regulators or hormones. IBA is an auxin that is produced in the plant’s leaves and shoots. IBA travels downwards to the roots and stimulates early and improved root growth, which increases plant vigor and the plant’s ability to fight off stress throughout the growing season. Kinetin is a cytokinin that travels up the plant from the root tips, directing many physiological functions of plant growth.


Topics: Radiate, Foliar Applications