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December 14, 2016

[Trial Data] Extract PBA Brings Big Returns on Two Crops in One Year

Posted by Agricen

In this trial from Attica, Indiana, Extract PBA brought in big returns on two crops in the same year.

Extract PBA was applied in the fall of 2015 on soybean stubble, and winter wheat was planted. At harvest, the crop planted where Extract was applied had an 8 bushel per acre yield advantage.

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In 2016, the grower planted double crop soybeans in the same field, again gaining a yield advantage (5 bushels per acre) where Extract PBA had been applied the previous year. The combined ROI to the grower was $69/acre


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March 21, 2016

Early Wheat Results with Extract PBA

Posted by Agricen

Burndown season is here, and that offers growers a great opportunity to benefit from an application of Extract PBA on each acre. 

Below is a photo taken in early March from an ongoing wheat trial in Hardin, Kentucky. As you can see, the plant on the rightwhere Extract PBA was applied with a pre-emerge herbicide–is better positioned to realize top-end yield potential.


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November 10, 2015

New Trial Data: Great 2015 Yield Performance with Titan PBA

Posted by Agricen

As the harvests come in this year, we’re seeing great yield performance with Titan PBA. Here are more results from some of this year’s trials on corn, wheat, soybeans and rice in Arkansas, Indiana and Kentucky.

Fall-Applied Titan PBA


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October 19, 2015

It’s Fall Fertilizer Season: Is Titan PBA in Your Blend?

Posted by Agricen

It’s fall fertilizer season, and many tons of dry fertilizer going out to the field from CPS locations will include the fertilizer biocatalyst Titan PBA.

Growers who use Titan PBA with their phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) fertilizers in the fall get excellent fertilizer efficiency and great results, as these corn and wheat studies show.

Don’t forget the Titan PBA in your dry fertilizer blend this season!


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December 11, 2014

Accomplish LM and Titan PBA: Even Better Together

Posted by Agricen

Since both Accomplish LM and Titan PBA are based on the same biochemical technology, many growers who use these products ask which is the better one to use. Should they use Accomplish LM when they make one of their liquid applications? Or should they use Titan PBA when they make a dry fertilizer application? Does one give them a better “bang for their buck”?


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November 2, 2011

Treating MicroEssentials SZ Fertilizer with Titan Improves Crop Growth

Posted by Agricen

This summer, Agricen conducted a rhizobox study near our Texas headquarters to evaluate the effects of treating MicroEssentials® SZ, the Mosaic Company’s 12-40-0-10(S)-1(Zn) fertilizer, with Titan Powered by Accomplish (Titan PBA), a fertilizer catalyst from Loveland Products.


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