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December 14, 2016

[Trial Data] Extract PBA Brings Big Returns on Two Crops in One Year

Posted by Agricen

In this trial from Attica, Indiana, Extract PBA brought in big returns on two crops in the same year.

Extract PBA was applied in the fall of 2015 on soybean stubble, and winter wheat was planted. At harvest, the crop planted where Extract was applied had an 8 bushel per acre yield advantage.

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11-16 extract wheat.png

In 2016, the grower planted double crop soybeans in the same field, again gaining a yield advantage (5 bushels per acre) where Extract PBA had been applied the previous year. The combined ROI to the grower was $69/acre 

11-16 extract soybeans.png

One of the major benefits of Extract PBA is that it increases nutrient mineralization in the soil. As seen in this trial, this can potentially have benefits that last more than one year. Plan on using Extract PBA in the fall or spring to maximize nutrient mineralization and help feed your crop.

Learn more by downloading the Extract PBA product booklet.

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Topics: Soybeans, Wheat, Indiana, Extract PBA