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October 3, 2017

Titan XC Increases Corn Yield in Nebraska Trial

Posted by Agricen

In a Dyna-Gro corn plot harvested near Cozad, Nebraska, treating MicroEssentials SZ (MESZ) fertilizer with Titan XC led to a 14.4 bushel per acre increase in corn yield compared to untreated MESZ. The corn was harvested on September 20, 2017.


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September 26, 2017

Soybeans Excel with Nutrient Release from Fall-Applied Extract PBA

Posted by Agricen

Extract PBA has been making a big difference in soybean trials being conducted by CPS Palmyra at a farm just outside of Monroe City, Missouri. Extract PBA was applied in the fall of 2016 at 1 gallon per acre on corn stalks, along with 2 gallons per acre of UAN. Soybeans were planted on May 18, 2017, and all pictures were taken approximately two months later, on July 26, 2017.

The photos show that soybeans from the Extract-treated part of the field have longer primary roots, larger leaves and stems, and more nodes and nodules compared to soybeans from the untreated parts of the field. 


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September 21, 2017

[Video] "How to Make Your Fall Fertilizer Dollars Go Farther"

Posted by Agricen

Our recent webinar, "How to Make Your Fall Fertilizer Dollars Go Farther," is now available to watch online.

During the webinar, you'll learn how incorporating a fertilizer biocatalyst into your dry fertilizer application can:

  • Maximize your fertilizer efficiency
  • Improve nutrient recovery in the first year after applying P and K fertilizers
  • Help you gain greater return on investment and greater yield opportunities from dry fertilizer applications

You'll also see recent field trial results with Titan XC, which can be used with dry fertilizers to improve nutrient availability and crop performance. 


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September 12, 2017

Extract PBA Pushes Winter Wheat Ahead

Posted by Agricen

After a fertilizer application, hungry crops must wait for nutrient mineralization to occur before the applied nutrients are available to use. To speed up and enhance this process, growers can utilize Extract PBA as a nutrient release tool to improve nutrient availability and uptake. As seen in this winter wheat trial, the result is noticeably better plant performance when compared to plants grown on untreated acres.

The trial, which was conducted in heavily manured fields in Ohio, looked at the effect of adding 1 gallon per acre of Extract PBA to a grower's existing fertilizer program of 28% UAN. Wheat plants in the untreated plot were planted on October 24, 2016, while plants in the Extract-treated plot were planted a month later, on November 25, 2016. Photos were taken in April 2017.


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September 6, 2017

Grower Stories [Video]: Raising Soil Fertility & Crop Yields on Continuous Corn Acres

Posted by Agricen

For the past several years, Chris Perkins, a grower and CPS location manager in Otwell, Indiana, has been running an experimental, high management, continuous corn plot using several products in the Loveland Products portfolio, including Accomplish LM and Titan, so that he can prove the value of the products he sells to his customers.

Many of the decisions that Chris makes in the management of his plot are driven by ongoing research at the university level, primarily that of Dr. Fred Below of the Crop Physiology Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


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August 28, 2017

[Webinar] Learn How to Make Your Fall Fertilizer Dollars Go Farther

Posted by Agricen

Do you want your nutrient dollars to perform better? Then join us for our upcoming webinar, "How to Make Your Fall Fertilizer Dollars Go Farther," on Wednesday, September 13, 2017. Sessions will be held at 8 am CT and 11 am CT.

During this exclusive webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to better "unlock" applied nutrients to maximize the efficiency of your fall dry fertilizer application
  • What steps you can take to improve nutrient recovery in the first year after applying P&K fertilizers
  • How to gain greater return on investment and greater yield opportunities by incorporating a fertilizer biocatalyst into your application

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August 1, 2017

[Corn Trial] Bigger Roots & Healthier Stalks with Titan XC

Posted by Agricen

In this field trial on corn, root digs show a more developed root system in plants fertilized with Titan XC-impregnated dry fertilizer compared to untreated dry fertilizer. The corn trial is being conducted by Crop Production Services in New Brunswick, Indiana. 


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July 18, 2017

[Video] Building Sustainable Agriculture Programs

Posted by Agricen

Many technologies and practices play a role in helping farmers protect soil and improve water quality. At Black Hawk Lake in Iowa, that's making a difference. 


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June 19, 2017

[Iowa Agribusiness Radio] How Accomplish Can Provide Positive Returns with Sidedress

Posted by Agricen

Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network spoke with Loveland Products' Scott Lay this week about making sidedress applications pay off with Accomplish LM

Iowa Agribusiness: Tell me about Accomplish LM.

Lay: Accomplish is a product we've had on the market for about 6 years. It's a fertilizer biocatalyst, which is a product that makes nutrients more available to the plant. It mineralizes nutrients that may otherwise be bound up in the soil, creating a better outcome or yield result in the crop. 

Iowa Agribusiness:Obviously farmers are going to have to put on more nitrogen this year. So this is a supplement to go along with that?


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June 12, 2017

[RFD IL Radio] Getting the Full Value Out of Sidedress Nitrogen

Posted by Agricen

Scott Lay, Area Sales Manager with Loveland Products, was recently in Illinois to discuss sidedressing with RFD IL Radio NetworkBelow is an excerpt from their conversation about getting the full value out of a sidedress nitrogen application.

RFD: Given the wet weather we had earlier this year, is there a question of how much nitrogen growers need to put on their fields?

Lay: The number of additional units of nitrogen needed–if any–is based on the amount of precipitation and type of environmental conditions growers have experienced since planting. Today, we have a number of nitrogen modeling tools that we can use to help make this determination, which makes it more of an exact science than it has been in the past.


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