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April 24, 2024

[Watch] Stand Up to Stress for Higher Yield & ROI

Posted by Agricen


Whether conditions are “ideal” or stressful, the key is to be prepared for whatever the growing season brings so that you can reach your yield goals.

In this on-demand webinar hosted by CropLife, "Stand Up to Stress for Higher Yield & ROI," you'll learn:

  • What abiotic stress is

  • How ag biologicals and biostimulants fit into crop stress and plant health management programs

  • How TERRAMAR, a new foliar technology for agricultural crops, enhances plant performance while mitigating the impacts of abiotic stress

During the webinar, Dr. Connor Sible of the University of Illinois discusses common abiotic stresses, how biological and biostimulant technologies can play a role in addressing them, and, specifically, how marine extracts promote stress relief in plants. He also discusses the need for a proactive approach when it comes to application timing.

"Stress mitigating biostimulant applications need to be proactive, not reactive," says Dr. Sible. "The crop needs time to build the defense so that it is able to tolerate the stress when it arrives."

Agricen's Dr. Brian Cornelious follows his presentation with a discussion of TERRAMAR, which can be used to enhance nutrient uptake while improving crop tolerance to abiotic stress.

TERRAMAR is a unique combination of carbon- and marine-based components that have complimentary functions:

  • Carbon-Based Technology (derived from biologically converted leonardite) enhances nutrient uptake and provides key carbon derivatives for additional energy to optimize plant performance

  • Marine-Based Technology (derived from biologically digested kelp) improves crop tolerance to abiotic stressors such as heat, drought, salt, and cold

Exclusively available from Loveland Products through Nutrien Ag Solutions, TERRAMAR can be used in combination with early, mid-season, or late-season foliar applications (including foliar nutrition, insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides) to mitigate stress and improve nutrient uptake. Foliar applications deliver its unique set of highly active, metabolite-based compounds for quick absorption through the leaf tissue of the plant. Multiple field trials validate the effectiveness of TERRAMAR as an addition to crop protection and nutritional programs.

Watch the webinar to learn how to help your crops stand up to stress for higher yield and ROI.

Watch the Webinar


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