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May 15, 2015

New Soybean StartUp Booklet Available

Posted by Agricen

Soybean StartUp—a tank mix that consists of Accomplish® LM and Radiate®®, two of Loveland Products’ most advanced plant health technologies—is the industry’s first no-salt starter program for soybeans.


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May 13, 2015

Radiate for In-Furrow Uses with Soybean, Peanut and Sweet Corn Crops

Posted by Agricen

This week, Loveland Products announced that Radiate® has received approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for in-furrow uses with soybean, peanut and sweet corn crops.


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February 18, 2015

Finally, A Soybean StartUp Program

Posted by Agricen

Soybean growers need new tools to help them improve plant health and yield. A starter program can play a role, but traditional starter fertilizers contain salts that can damage soybean seedlings.

Working together, Accomplish® LM and Radiate® get soybean crops off­ to a faster, better start. An early application of these salt-free products helps to cost eff­ectively increase plant vigor, reduce plant stress and enhance productivity.


• Better root growth and plant vigor

• Less early season stress

• No salt, so safer for the seedling

• Low-volume efficiency

• Better plant health from emergence through yield


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February 12, 2015

Q&A: Should Soybean Growers Consider a Starter Program This Season?

Posted by Agricen

I’ve never used a starter program for my soybean plants. Nutrient deficiencies are not as common as they are in corn, and the salt in traditional fertilizers can harm the seedlings. Why would I consider a soybean starter program now?

It’s true that traditional starter fertilizers are not typically used for soybean crops, for both of the reasons that you’ve pointed out. However, like growers of other crops, soybean growers can benefit from tools that help improve plant health and yields. Accomplish® LM and Radiate® are plant health products that can be used together as a “starter program” for soybean. They contain no salt and provide a cost effective way for growers to improve plant vigor, reduce plant stress and increase productivity. With an early application of these plant health technologies, growers can improve the health of soybean plants from emergence through yield, all while maximizing the efficiency of their total plant nutrition program.


Topics: Soybeans, Starter/In-Furrow Applications, Accomplish LM, Radiate

February 9, 2015

Webinar: Soybean Plant Health Benefits from Emergence through Yield

Posted by Agricen

Are you planting soybeans this year? Please join us for “Soybean StartUp: Plant Health Benefits from Emergence though Yield,” a free webinar being held on February 25, 2015 at 7 am and 11 am CT.


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February 3, 2015

Fertility Programs Help Soybean Growers Get More Out of Their Acres

Posted by Agricen

Although growers haven’t typically employed significant nutritional programs for soybeans, a soybean fertility program that includes biochemistry can increase nutrient availability and improve early plant development, giving growers the jump on production and increase in yield that they’re seeking.


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April 26, 2014

Video Report: A Look at Accomplish LM from Nelson Farms in Almena, KS

Posted by Elese Orrell

In this video report from summer 2013, we visit corn fields at Nelson Farms in Almeda, Kansas to observe the effects of Accomplish LM in a starter program.

In the Nelson Farms trials, Accomplish LM was applied at one, two, or three quarts per acre with the grower’s standard practice (GSP) of 10-34-0 applied at eight gallons per acre in furrow.


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March 18, 2014

A Quick Look at Accomplish LM with 10-34-0, RiseR and Black Label Zn

Posted by Agricen

Growers who use Accomplish LM in their starter programs see the benefits of improved early plant growth and increased yields at the end of the season.

The superior early performance of corn grown with Accomplish LM + RiseR is noticeable just 30 days after planting (Figure 1), with better plant growth and root development compared to a starter program without Accomplish LM.


Topics: Starter/In-Furrow Applications, Corn, Indiana, Accomplish LM, Kentucky, Nebraska

March 12, 2014

Guest Blog: What to Expect When Banding Nutrients with Corn Seed

Posted by Agricen

By Daniel Kaiser, PhD, University of Minnesota

In areas where spring is cool and wet, banding fertilizer with the planter can benefit corn crops. Although application of dry fertilizer with the corn planter has played an important role historically, it has become less common with increasing acreages and planter sizes. Instead, liquid fertilizers have steadily replaced dry for supplying nutrients to the corn plant early in the growing season.

The primary benefit of applying low rates of fertilizer directly on the corn seed is more rapid growth early in the growing season. Increased early growth can be viewed as an insurance policy, ensuring that plants reach critical periods of growth faster. Low rates of phosphorus can significantly increase the amount of growth, even in fields where soil phosphorous test levels are high. Our research in Minnesota has demonstrated that as little at 10 lbs P2O5 applied with the planter can produce sizeable increases in plant mass early in the growing season. This increase has been shown to speed development and decrease the time to silking by one to two days.


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March 10, 2014

Three Questions About Starter Fertilizer Programs, Answered

Posted by Agricen

Why use a starter fertilizer, and how can growers make sure their applied nutrients don’t get tied up in the soil chemistry?

Why do I need to use a starter fertilizer?

Starter fertilizers provide needed phosphorus when planting in soils that are near or below 50°F. At cooler soil temperatures, native soil microbes are not very active and are not producing the biochemistry that solubilizes soil phosphorous—a critical nutrient for early seedling vigor and root development.


Topics: Starter/In-Furrow Applications, Titan, Accomplish LM