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December 11, 2015

Starter Case Study: Accomplish LM Performs on Nebraska Soybeans

Posted by Agricen

Accomplish LM is a fantastic tool for soybean growers who want to boost plant performance. 

Recent harvest data from Nebraska show impressive results when Accomplish LM is used on soybeans in-furrow as a starter, with a 13.8 bu/acre soybean yield increase compared to untreated acres.


The yield map also shows a clear difference between treated and untreated acres.


Accomplish LM is a nutrient use efficiency product that offers concentrated biochemistry tin an easy-to-handle liquid form.  Formulated for broadcast and starter fertilizer applications, it helps growers get the most out of their crop fertility programs by increasing nutrient availability and uptake and by promoting root growth and development. 

With these results, you'll want to make sure that Accomplish LM is part of your starter program for soybeans!

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Topics: Soybeans, Starter/In-Furrow Applications, Accomplish LM, Nebraska