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October 29, 2020

Yield Success with Extract PBA in Mississippi Corn Trial

Posted by Agricen

Yield success for this grower near Macon, Mississippi started in the fall of last year when he applied 1 gallon per acre of Extract PBA (with 1 gallon/acre of UAN 32 +15 gallons/acre of water) on cotton residue from his 2019 crop.

The grower planted corn in the spring of 2020. Where Extract PBA had been used, he realized a yield increase of +11.47 bushels per acre compared to the check, for a net ROI of $33.88 per acre with his Extract PBA application.


The NDVI shows the greater vegetation density and crop health where Extract PBA was applied on the cotton residue.

10-20-extract-cornExtract PBA was applied in early October 2019 with 15 gallons of water per acre.

Extract PBA is a mineralization technology that converts organic nutrients into plant-available, inorganic forms that the plant can take up and use for nutrition. For example, an application of Extract PBA can help convert organic nitrogen into plant-available ammonium (NH4+) and convert organic phosphorus into plant-available hydrogen phosphate (HPO42-). In addition, potassium and micronutrients are mineralized and released back into the soil solution.

Extract PBA combines the concentrated biochemistry of Accomplish LM with ammonium thiosulfate (ATS) to help growers easily and effectively manage nutrients tied up in the soil, in crop residues and in animal manures and poultry litters. The biochemistry in Extract PBA increases nutrient release and accelerates residue and manure/litter decomposition for rapid nutrient recycling, while ATS promotes an optimal carbon to nitrogen ratio to enhance soil microbial activity, further expediting nutrient return to the soil profile.

For growers, increased mineralization with Extract PBA can equate to greater nutrient availability for the next crop and an increase in crop yield.

Learn more about the mineralization technology in Extract PBA by downloading the Extract PBA Frequently Asked Questions booklet.

Download the Booklet


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