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June 19, 2023

Enhancing UAN Sidedress with Extract PBA to Maximize Corn Yield

Posted by Agricen

Growers who are applying UAN sidedress this season have multiple technologies and practices they can utilize to minimize nitrogen loss to the environment and increase nitrogen efficiency and uptake by the corn crop. Examples include chemical nitrogen stabilizers, cultural Y-drop systems and Extract PBA nutrient release technology, all of which can be used individually or as part of an integrated approach to maximize the benefits of a UAN sidedress application.

Extract PBA is a biocatalyst technology for enhanced nutrient release and mineralization
combined with ammonium thiosulfate, a source of nitrogen and sulfur. By accelerating nutrient mineralization and recycling, Extract PBA can help improve crop growth and vigor, extend nutrient availability to the crop and improve nutrient efficiency when used with UAN sidedress.

How do we know that Extract PBA influences nitrogen availability?

One example comes from research performed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. There, at the West Central Research and Extension Center, Extract PBA was applied at 1 gallon per acre onto fallow soil (absent of a growing crop) with a history of manure applications. Soil testing was then performed on the treated and untreated fallow soil every two weeks for four months to determine nutrient availability and assess soil health. 

Extract PBA increased the availability of all pools of nitrogen, including inorganic and potentially mineralizable N pools, compared to the untreated soil.

Better Nitrogen Availability with Extract PBA

This is important in the setting of a UAN sidedress application. In the cropping cycle, optimal sidedress timing is at the V4-V8 growth stage, right before the period of rapid nitrogen uptake in corn. By enhancing the availability of nitrogen in a sidedress application with Extract PBA, the corn crop can get more of what it needs for optimal grain fill and yield.

In real world, on-farm situations, this can translate into higher yields, as seen in the examples below. 

Extract PBA + UAN at Sidedress

By influencing both applied and residual nitrogen sources, Extract PBA can increase the efficiency of UAN sidedress applications and help maximize nitrogen uptake.

Watch the short video below to hear Agricen’s Dr. Brian Cornelious explain how using Extract PBA to enhance UAN sidedress applications can maximize corn yields.

Learn more about using Extract PBA in sidedress nitrogen applications by downloading our booklet, Sidedressing Nitrogen for Maximum Yields.

Download the Booklet


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