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October 13, 2020

How Do Extract PBA & Titan XC Enhance Fall Crop Nutrition Programs?

Posted by Agricen

Steve Sexton Crop ResidueAlready a busy period, harvest is also the time for growers to begin planning for next season's crop. Fall planning can be critical to having a less stressful planting season in the spring. Incorporating Titan XC and Extract PBA into fall plans is one way that growers can set themselves up for success in the season ahead.

Agricen's Stephen Sexton breaks down the benefits of these biocatalyst products and explains where they fit into fall programs.

Titan XC for Dry Fertilizer

Steve says that two key processes occur when Titan XC is applied to dry phosphorus and potassium fertilizer blends and spread in the fall.

First, he notes that the phosphorus and potassium prills are broken down much faster compared to waiting for Mother Nature.

"Remember that phosphorus and potassium fertilizers may have received multiple applications of petroleum-based or vegetable-based oils to reduce dust and maintain prill integrity," he says. "Oil applied to dry fertilizer can delay the breakdown of the prill when soil applied, since oil repels soil moisture. This is not the case when Titan XC is applied to the dry fertilizer."

Then, there are the benefits related to root growth. 

"In the spring, the biochemistry in Titan XC can signal to the plant that nutrition is nearby, which stimulates root growth and feeder tip roots or root hairs, which are the ports of entry for water and nutrition into the plant," says Steve.

Download the Titan XC Corn Bulletin

Extract PBA for Crop Residue, Manures & Poultry Litter

When it comes to crop residues, manures, and poultry litter, that's where the innovative mineralization technology in Extract PBA comes into play. 

"Extract PBA can be applied with burndown applications or alone on crop residues, manures, or litter to mineralize the organic nitrogen and phosphorus into inorganic, plant-available forms," Steve says. 

Plants do not use organic forms of nitrogen or phosphorus. Rather, they can only take up these nutrients when they are in inorganic, plant-available forms. The plant-available forms of nitrogen are nitrate (NO3) and ammonium (NH4+), while the plant-available forms of phosphorus are hydrogen phosphate (HPO4) and dihydrogen phosphate (H2PO4). 

"Both of these key macronutrients are mineralized, or converted from an organic form into a plant-available, inorganic form, by the biochemistry in Extract PBA," he explains.

See the Extract PBA Trial Summary

The Last Word

By contributing to increased nutrient availability and an improved root system, Titan XC on dry fertilizers and Extract PBA on crop residues, manures or litter can lead to enhanced nutrient uptake, better crop performance, and higher crop yields. 

Learn more about these biocatalyst technologies by downloading the Biocatalyst Technology Booklet.

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