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May 6, 2013

Innovating & Delivering a New Class of Plant Nutrition Products

Posted by Agricen


At our world-class biochemical production facility in Denton, Texas, we make some of Loveland Products’ fastest growing brands—Accomplish, Extract and Titan—as well as Agricen’s SoilBuilder, SoilLife and NutriLife brands. Completed in September 2011, the Denton plant was built to accommodate growing demands for these products, which were formerly only produced at our Pilot Point, Texas location.

At Denton, our products are produced through a patent-pending fermentation process using a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing platform. This process yields a highly concentrated extract that contains a diverse community of naturally occurring microorganisms and their biochemical byproducts (e.g., enzymes, organic acids). The end product is a biological and biochemical product that can be used as part of an integrated nutrient management program to improve plant nutrition.

Learn more about our products and their role in sustainable agriculture by downloading our Growing for the Future Booklet.

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