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October 3, 2022

[Watch] How to Make Your Dry Fertilizer Work Harder & Go Farther

Posted by Agricen

09-22-CropLife-dry-fertilizer-webinar-archive-1How can growers make the most of every nutrient they apply, especially with high fertilizer costs? One way is to focus on improving the efficiency of dry fertilizers that are spread in the fall or spring.

Watch our on-demand webinar, "How to Make Your Dry Fertilizer Work Harder and Go Farther," to learn:

  • Why the amount of fertilizer you apply doesn't always equate to the amount of fertility available to your crop

  • How next-generation technology can enhance your fall dry fertilizer program for better nutrient availability and uptake in the spring

  • How Titan XC can help you get more out of every prill you’ve paid for by giving your crop greater access to applied fertility

Hosted by CropLife and presented by Agricen's Director of Applied Sciences, Dr. Brian Cornelious, the webinar explains how Titan XC can help growers maximize their yield opportunities by improving nutrient availability and uptake from treated dry fertilizers.

Fertilizer prills as applied to the field are not available to the plant or soil until they have gone through a conversion process that transforms them from organic forms into inorganic, plant-available forms. For example, applied phosphorus (P205) must be converted to the inorganic forms HPO4 or H2PO4 before the crop can use it.

Titan XC expedites this process. As part of the investment in next year’s crop, it helps deliver maximum yield and return on investment by making every Titan XC-treated prill go farther and work harder, including in corn, soybean and cotton crops.

Watch the webinar today to learn how to get the most out of your fall dry fertilizer application. 

Watch the Webinar


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