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February 3, 2020

Using Extract PBA to Maximize the Nutrient Content of Manure

Posted by Agricen

spreading manureAlthough animal manures can be a rich source of nutrients for crops, the nutrients found in themwhether from swine, beef cattle, dairy cows or poultry–are not always in a form that is readily available for crop uptake.

Phosphorus is a good example. With its negative charge, phosphorus easily binds to positively charged micronutrients, such as those found in animal rations or dairy cow footbath solutions. Once bound, it remains in a form that is unavailable to the plant until transformed through natural processes (e.g., weather, soil microbes) or agronomic management. As a result, growers who have been applying animal manures may see high levels of unavailable phosphorus on their soil tests (indicated by a high Bray P2 value), but a deficit of plant-available phosphorus (low/lagging Bray P1).

Extract PBA, which helps to convert P2 to P1, is one of the agronomic tools available to help growers be more efficient with their nutrient applications by making phosphorus and other nutrients found in manures, crops residues and the soil more readily available for crop uptake.

The concentrated biochemistry in Extract PBA not only helps to break down organic matter, but it can also separate positively charged (+) cations (e.g., calcium, magnesium, aluminum, iron, zinc, copper) from negatively charged (-) anions (e.g., phosphate, nitrate, sulfate, chlorides). As a result, the nutritive value of manure treated with this biocatalyst increases, as seen in the swine manure study below.

Extract Swine Manure - Iowa

By giving crops greater access to plant-available forms of phosphorus and other important nutrients found in manures, Extract PBA can help growers improve their nutrient use efficiency and help crops better reach their yield potential, as seen in these and other trials. Extract PBA can also help protect against nutrient loss to the environment by promoting greater nutrient uptake by the crop. This flexible tool can be broadcast with manures or used as a manure pit treatment prior to pumping. In strips where manure has already been applied, it can be sprayed with pre-emergent or burndown chemistries.

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