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September 30, 2020

Titan XC Raises Phosphorus Levels in Depleted Soil

Posted by Agricen

At the Nutrien Ag Solutions branch in Manlius, Illinois, farmer and crop consultant Chad Taylor has been witness to many Titan XC success stories. One that particularly stands out in his mind is the effect that Titan XC has had on one of his grower client's fields, helping to transform farmland that was largely phosphorus deficient into land with optimal soil phosphorus levels. 

"The farm was quite run down when he purchased it, and we've been pretty amazed with the activity of Titan XC in just a short time," says Chad.

When the grower first took over the field in 2012, soil tests taken in fall showed that phosphorus levels were very low throughout the field, with an average soil phosphorus level of just 41.5 lbs/acre. Five years later, after applying Titan XC-treated phosphorus and potassium fertilizers every fall, soil phosphorus levels were excellent. In 2017, the date of the most recent soil tests (taken in spring), the average soil phosphorus level had increased to 122.5 lbs/acre

soil sample results - Titan XC cumulativeThe grower has been similarly satisfied with the corn and soybean yields on his acres. 

"We treat both the phosphorus and potassium with Titan XC for all of his acres and we definitely plan to continue," says Chad. "He's a believer in this technology."

Titan XC yield history & fertility

As seen in this and other trials, the biocatalyst technology in Titan XC can help growers maintain or build soil nutrient levels by increasing the availability of nutrients from applied phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. This can lead to increased nutrient use efficiency while also driving yield and ROI.

Learn more about Titan XC, including how it helps drive yield, innovation and sustainability, by downloading the Titan XC Drives booklet.

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