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October 3, 2017

Titan XC Increases Corn Yield in Nebraska Trial

Posted by Agricen

In a Dyna-Gro corn plot harvested near Cozad, Nebraska, treating MicroEssentials SZ (MESZ) fertilizer with Titan XC led to a 14.4 bushel per acre increase in corn yield compared to untreated MESZ. The corn was harvested on September 20, 2017.


In the trial, MESZ was applied at a rate of 120 pounds per acre. In the treated rows, Titan XC had been applied to the dry fertilizer at 1 pint per ton. Corn from the eight rows fertilized with Titan XC-treated MESZ yielded 282.7 bu/acre, while the corn yield from the eight rows sown with untreated fertilizer was 268 bu/acre. The previous crop was soybean.

To learn more about Titan XC, please visit the Titan XC information hub.

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