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November 21, 2016

More Robust Soybean Plants & Higher Pod Counts with Extract PBA

Posted by Agricen

In the fall of 2015 and spring of 2016, Crop Production Services (CPS) locations in Northern Ohio conducted trials to evaluate the benefits of making a fall residue or spring pre-emerge application of Extract PBA (1 gallon per acre) on corn stalks in fields where soybeans would be planted as the next crop. The data shows great potential for a growers' return on investment, with healthier plants and higher pod counts when Extract PBA was used. 

In the trial results shown below, the plants from the treated areas have a more robust structure to support higher yields. Pod clusters are also tighter, with more per node compared to plants from untreated strips in the test plots.

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When the pods were counted from the plants above, there were 16 more pods from the plants grown in the Extract PBA-treated area compared to the untreated controls. 


Similar results were also seen in a CPS trial conducted in Iowa this spring, where Extract PBA was applied with pre-emerge herbicide. Soybean plants in the Extract PBA-treated areas were greener, more robust and had higher pod counts (shown below) compared to the untreated controls.


These results are a good demonstration of how powerfully Extract PBA releases nutrients to feed a soybean crop.

Don't forget to use Extract PBA this fall or spring for benefits that include:

  • Release of nutrients trapped in residue or bound in soil

  • Extension of existing nutrient availability later into the season

  • Optimization of plantability in the spring

  • More even crop emergence

  • Improved yield potential

Learn more by downloading our Extract PBA product booklet or by contacting your local CPS location.

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