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December 5, 2016

Releasing Nutrients from Cover Crop Skeletons with Extract PBA

Posted by Agricen

Cover crops provide many benefits that can improve the health of soil, water, and the following crop. However, they can also pose some drawbacks. In the spring at planting, cover crop skeletons can interfere with seed to soil contact. They can also stress the seedling by interfering with access to sunlight, requiring the planted crop to stretch so that it can reach above the cover crop canopy. Extract PBA provides an efficient way to manage cover crop skeletons so that growers can avoid these issues and also give the coming crop a nutritional boost.

Some recent Crop Production Services trials conducted in Ohio show how an application of Extract PBA can break down cover crop skeletons to release nutrients for the following crop. In the top pictures, Extract PBA was applied in the fall at 1 gallon per acre. In the spring prior to emergence, the treated part of the field had better planting conditions and more available nutrients compared to the untreated part of the field, which translated into healthier soybean plants during the growing season.

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In the picture below, Extract PBA was applied in summer at 2 gallons per acre. Once again, this side by side trial shows healthier, more robust soybean plants in the Extract PBA-treated part of the field compared to no treatment.


Learn more about using Extract PBA in the fall or spring by watching one of our on-demand webinars. You can also check out our additional Extract PBA resources.

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