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March 14, 2016

Prove It to Me [Film]: Follow 5 Farmers Through the Growing Season

Posted by Agricen

ProveItToMepngWe are very excited to introduce Prove It to Me, a new film that follows five farmers through the 2015 growing season—from planning and planting to growth and harvest.

Each of the farmers featured in the film used Accomplish, Titan or both technologies as part of their program, and all speak about the results they achieved with our biocatalyst technology (Hint: It’s pretty darn good news!). We invite you to watch a Prove It to Meonline today.

None of the farmer testimonials were scripted or coached. Their thoughts on the products and practices are simply in their own words and, as you’ll see, a great testimony to using Accomplish and Titan as part of any growing program.

We hope you enjoy the film, and we would be happy to hear any feedback you might have.

Watch the Film

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