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September 4, 2019

Obtaining the Highest ROI on Fall Fertilizer Applications

Posted by Agricen

titan-fall-fertilizerWhen it comes to fall dry fertilizer applications, poor soil conditions and bad weather can significantly decrease fertilizer efficiency. Treating dry fertilizer with Titan XC before it goes out in the field can help  growers address these challenges and get the highest return on their fertilizer investment.

How Titan XC Helps Maximize Grower ROI

The concentrated biochemistry in Titan XC makes nutrients in treated phosphorus and potassium-based fertilizers available to the crop more quickly. This creates greater fertilizer efficiency in the first season after application and ensures that the crop has the necessary nutrition when it needs it most.

Titan XC also helps hold the applied nutrients in a plant-available form, protecting them from tie-up in adverse soil conditions, such as high pH or poor soil composition. As an additional benefit, Titan XC has been shown to promote greater root system development, which gives the crop better access water and nutrients. This can lead to increased nutrient uptake and better yield performance.

Recent Trials Demonstrate Increased Fertilizer Efficiency

In five recent Midwest corn trials evaluating Titan XC with a fall or spring fertilizer application, treating dry fertilizer with Titan XC led to an average yield increase of 6.8 bu/a compared to untreated fertilizer. This yield increase was achieved despite reducing the treated fertilizer rate by 10% compared to untreated fertilizer.

Titan IL CornGetting the Most Out of a Crucial Investment

Adding the Titan XC biocatalyst to dry fertilizer is a great way to get the most out of a crucial investment this fall. With Titan XC, growers can expect to get more efficiency out of their fall-applied phosphorus and potassium fertilizer through increased nutrient availability and enhanced root development, setting the crop up for improved performance in the coming season.

Download the Titan XC corn bulletin to learn more about how Titan XC performs in fall and spring fertilizer programs. 

Download the Bulletin


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