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August 1, 2016

Loveland Products Launches Titan XC for Dry Fertilizers

Posted by Agricen

TitanrXC.pngTitan XC is now available from Loveland Products! Designed to improve dry fertilizer efficiency, Titan XC is a new, next-generation biocatalyst for dry fertilizers that ‘unlocks’ applied nutrients, making them available more quickly so that more of them are taken up by plant roots. It is extra concentrated for easier application and superior impregnation onto fertilizer prill.

“For a grower’s dry fertilizer program, Titan XC is the key to quick release and uptake of a broad range of vital plant nutrients. This can really maximize the return on a grower’s dry fertilizer investment,” says John Oesch, Marketing Manager for the Southern Ohio division of Crop Production Services (CPS).

Titan XC offers growers benefits that include:

  • Increased nutrient availability and uptake
  • Enhanced nutrient use efficiency
  • Better root growth and development
  • Improved plant performance
  • Optimized yield potential

The recommended rate for impregnation on dry fertilizers is 1 to 2 pints of Titan XC per ton of dry fertilizer.

Titan XC is manufactured for Loveland Products by Agricen.


Learn more about Titan XC by downloading the Titan XC product booklet.

Download the Booklet

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