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January 24, 2022

How Accomplish MAX Helps Mitigate the Effects of Salt Stress on Crops

Posted by Agricen

Although crops take up many salts in the form of nutrients, they can be adversely affected if more salt is added to the soil system than can be taken up by the plant or flushed out of the root zone. This is especially a concern in irrigated cropping systems, where dissolved salts from irrigation water can lead to soil salinity problems that compound over time. Salts in applied fertilizers can also contribute to soil salinity.

Soils that are high in salts can limit water uptake, impede nutrient uptake, and negatively impact seed germination and crop development. Plants that do survive will exhibit less vigor, have slower physiological development and show signs of stress, preventing full yield potential from being realized. Taking steps to manage soil salinity is therefore critical to having balanced soil for optimal plant growth and productivity.

Accomplish MAX, which is available through Nutrien Ag Solutions, is a next-generation biocatalyst designed to help plants better tolerate salt and other abiotic stresses.01-21 Accomplish Max saline environmentPlant germinated in presence of 120 mM salt, with and without Accomplish MAX. Images were taken 10 days after treatment. Note longer roots, more vigorous plant with Accomplish MAX.

Accomplish MAX mitigates salt stress with a three-pronged effect:

  • Frees up calcium from soil chemistry, which allows sodium to be displaced from the exchange site and flushed from the root zone.
  • Encourages plants to uptake additional potassium, which increases the K+/Na++ ratio to offset the toxic effects of sodium.
  • Breaks soluble salts apart, thereby lowering electrical conductivity.

Recommended for use in liquid starter applications, Accomplish MAX contains biochemistry proven to increase nutrient availability in the soil combined with a highly soluble kelp-based extract to increase crop tolerance to abiotic stresses like salinity from applied fertilizers. Accomplish MAX can be an important addition to any fertility or management program for crops affected by salt stress.

Download the Accomplish MAX salt stress bulletin.

Download the Bulletin


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