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November 4, 2021

[Hoosier Ag Today] Maximizing Your Dry Fertilizer Investment

Posted by Agricen

Hoosier Ag Today-1Agricen’s Scott Lay recently spoke with Hoosier Ag Today about how growers can maximize their dry fertilizer investment with Titan XC.

Hoosier Ag Today: One of the first decisions for farmers regarding next year's crop results relate to dry fertilizer. With fertilizer prices surging, growers are trying to find ways to maximize their investment. Lay says that's where Titan XC comes into play.
Scott: In terms of benefit, what we're looking for is the ability of the product to enhance the mineralization, or breakdown, of dry fertilizer prills so that come next spring when the crop goes in the ground, we have greater nutrient availability to that growing crop, which will lead to a more consistent yield response at the end of the year.
Hoosier Ag Today: Lay says that across third-party trials and university results, Titan XC's average yield response over untreated fertilizer is 10.2 bushels per acre in corn and 4.6 bushels per acre in soybeans. Even with fertilizer prices rising, Lay believes that type of response is worth the investment.
Scott:  It's not what you spend, it's what you get for what you spend that matters. Titan has been on the market for ten years, and we have nearly 50 million acres of commercial experience and results to draw on.  What we've found is that we get a more consistent yield result and a better ROI with Titan XC, and we're able to increase the availability of nutrients by nearly 20 percent in that first year. If you can enhance the value or benefit of those dry fertilizer dollars invested by 20 percent, we think that's a pretty sound investment.

This radio segment was edited for length and clarity. You can listen to the full interview below or on Agricen's YouTube channel.

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