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May 18, 2017

[Hoosier Ag Today] Extending Nutrients for Soybeans This Year

Posted by Agricen

hoosieragtoday.pngScott Lay recently spoke to Hoosier Ag Today about Extract PBA and how it can help maximize soybean yield potential when used with a pre-emerge herbicide or fertilizer application this spring. 

Hoosier Ag Today: Extract is a biocatalyst that helps make nutrients in the soil available to crops. Scott Lay from Loveland Products explains. 

Lay: Really what Extract does is frees up or mineralizes nutrients that are already bound in the soil. It helps to decompose residue, which is essentially nutrients awaiting to be utilized by the plant. It simply accelerates that process that Mother Nature is already performing, by helping to decompose and mineralize more nutrients, putting them in a plant available form so that we can maximize yield in a given crop.

Hoosier Ag Today: With concerns about nutrient levels in soil this spring, this product may be helpful in improving yield, especially in soybeans. 

Lay: We're able to introduce it with a pre-plant herbicide and/or fertilizer type application. Our results have been very consistent in soybeans. We've averaged about a 4 bushel per acre response in soybeans when we've utilized Extract.

Hoosier Ag Today: Lay says the product works all season long and can help make sure that adequate nutrients are available later in the season during the critical yield determination period.

Lay: We're able to extend the nutrient mineralization process throughout the season to provide a more adequate flow of nutrients to the soybean plant during the critical yield determining time through July and even into August.

Hoosier Ag Today: Ask about Extract at your local co-op or Nutrien Ag Solutions store.

You can read the article at Hoosier Ag Today. You can also listen to the full interview in the video.

Download the Extract soybean study to see how Extract has performed in recent soybean trials across the Midwest.

Download the Study

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