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August 16, 2022

Canadian Grower Impressed by Root Growth with Titan XC Technology

Posted by Agricen

Titan XC technology for dry fertilizer is available in several countries around the world, including in Canada, where it is sold under the brand name Atlas XC.

While attending a recent farm expo in Canada, Agricen’s Steve Sexton spoke with Kurtis Wandler, a grower from Western Saskatchewan, about his experience with Atlas XC.

Kurtis started out by trialing Atlas XC in peas several years ago, and he now uses it across his entire farm.

We started out just putting it on peas the first year. We did a trial that year, half and half,” says Kurtis. “The next year, between the folks and I, we split the acres in half on a trial, and for the last two years, we’ve been doing all Atlas.”

Grower Kurtis Wandler SK Atlas XCKurtis Wandler, Grower from Western Saskatchewan, Canada

One of the big benefits Kurtis has seen with using Atlas XC-treated dry fertilizer has been improved root growth in his crops.

We see tremendous root growth and breakdown of the fertilizer we’re putting down,” he says. “You can just tell from the trials we’ve done on some of the stands how Atlas has helped improve the crop and break through some of the conditions that we’ve had with the environment.”

Even last year with the drought we had, you could tell that the roots were there,” he adds. “We ran out of moisture, but you could tell with the roots. They’re just going to keeping fighting for that moisture.”

Atlas XC can be applied to dry fertilizers such as MAP, potash or elemental sulfur to help improve nutrient availability, so that the crop has access to more of the applied nutrients in the season they are applied, and even beyond.

When Shelby LaRose, Proprietary Representative from Nutrien Ag Solutions’ South Saskatchewan – East location, trialed Atlas XC in yellow peas on her farm, she saw both her yield and her soil phosphorus levels go up.

The last five seasons of Atlas XC have shown me a lot,” she says. “One of those things is that no matter the crop, if you are putting down MAP, potash or elemental sulfur, you can benefit from Atlas XC. It not only increases yield, but also increases soil-available phosphorus year over year.”

Contact your local Nutrien Ag Solutions representative for more information about Atlas XC (Canada) or Titan XC (USA). You can also learn more by downloading the Titan XC educator.

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