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October 25, 2022

Alabama Grower Sees Impressive Corn Yield Gains in Titan XC Trial

Posted by Agricen

Chad Henderson, an XtremeAg farmer in Madison, Alabama, trialed Titan XC-treated dry fertilizer on his farm in 2022. He saw impressive results in both his irrigated and dryland corn. 

"We can't wait to try this again," says Chad. "We had great results with this product."

In the trial, Chad compared his standard strip till fertilizer blend to the same fertilizer blend treated with Titan XC at 1 pint per ton.  Both treated and untreated fertilizer blends were applied at 180 pounds per acre. Two different hybrids were in the planter, and each treatment (treated vs untreated dry fertilizer) was replicated 3 times for each hybrid in both irrigated and non-irrigated parts of the field.

In irrigated corn, Chad's average corn yield was 276.7 bu/a with his standard fertilizer blend and 293.8 bu/a with the Titan XC-treated dry fertilizer, for a yield advantage of +17.1 bu/a compared to the check. 


He saw similar results in his dryland corn, where his average corn yield was 89.8 bu/a with his standard fertilizer blend and 106.0 bu/a with the Titan XC-treated dry fertilizer, for a yield advantage of +16.2 bu/a compared to the check.


"It was the same results through irrigated and non-irrigated," says Chad. "We're looking forward to doing some more trials with this. We were really pleased with it."

You can hear about the trials directly from Chad in this video.

Titan XC is an innovative biocatalyst that is formulated for application on dry fertilizers to increase nutrient efficiency and provide a yield response across diverse crops. It contains a range of beneficial biochemistries, including enzymes, that help mineralize the applied nutrients to make them more available for plant uptake and utilization.

Learn more about Titan XC by downloading the Titan XC corn bulletin.

Download the Bulletin


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