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June 13, 2016

Accomplish LM Releases Soil Nutrients: Nutrient Analysis Data

Posted by Agricen

One of the benefits of using Accomplish LM in production agriculture is its ability to increase the availability of nutrients in the soil. A quick soil nutrient analysis performed at the Loveland Products Research Farm in Owensboro, Kentucky shows just how quickly and powerfully a soil application of Accomplish LM can release bound nutrients to make them available for plant uptake.

In this demonstration, soil was collected from the field, mixed in a bucket and separated into two equal samples. The untreated sample was bagged, sealed and labeled. The second sample was bagged and Accomplish LM was added to moisten the soil without oversaturating it. The bag was then sealed and the sample incubated for 24 hours, followed by a 3-day air drying period prior to lab analysis.

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Testing showed that, in just four days, Accomplish LM increased the availability of every nutrient in the treated soil, except calcium.  

From a fertilizer application and plant health standpoint, expedited nutrient release has major benefits for crop production. Use Accomplish LM to improve soil chemistry and help crops thrive!

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You can also view our Accomplish LM studies to see field trial results.

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