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July 23, 2015

Accomplish LM and Titan PBA on Corn: Mid-Season Results

Posted by Agricen

Norman McPherson and M.H. Bitely are growers in Grady, Arkansas, who incorporated both Accomplish LM and Titan PBA into their fertility program for this year’s corn. Both growers applied Titan PBA on their dry fertilizer in the fall, and included Accomplish LM with their standard liquid starter fertilizers at planting.

The results so far are impressive.


Growers Norman McPherson and M.H. Bitely in Grady, Arkansas.

In fields where Accomplish LM and Titan PBA were added to the standard fertility program, corn had much smaller dents compared to corn from a nearby field they farm where Accomplish LM and Titan PBA weren’t used.

Smaller dents will add up to a lot more yield, says Norman.


With Accomplish LM and Titan PBA, corn ears show less denting.


Root digs reveal that the addition of Accomplish LM and Titan PBA also leads to significant improvements in root mass.


Significant gains in root mass with Accomplish LM and Titan PBA.


From these mid-season results, we expect to continue to see great things, as we have seen in other trials incorporating both Accomplish LM and Titan PBA into fertility programs on corn, soybeans, rice, and wheat.

We’ll follow up again with Norman and M.H. later in the season to share more details about their crops’ performance. 


Topics: Arkansas, Corn, Titan, Accomplish LM