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May 17, 2021

[Watch Webinar] How to Enhance UAN Sidedress for Maximum Corn Yields

Posted by Agricen

05-21-Sidedress-webinar-landing-pageNot all forms of nitrogen in UAN are readily available for crop uptake when applied. How can growers get the most out of every unit of UAN sidedress they apply to help them reach their maximum yield potential?

Watch the on-demand webinar, "How to Enhance UAN Sidedress for Maximum Corn Yields," to learn:

  • How to improve the efficiency and efficacy of UAN sidedress applications

  • When growers should apply UAN sidedress for optimal benefits

  • How enhancing UAN sidedress with Extract PBA can provide nutrient efficiency and yield benefits

Extract PBA combines proven biocatalyst technology with ammonium thiosulfate to help accelerate nutrient mineralization and recycling, extend nutrient availability later into the season and improve overall nutrient use efficiency.

For growers who apply UAN sidedress, it can help ensure that both applied and residual nitrogen is available during peak crop demand so that growers get the most out of their sidedress investment.

Watch the webinar today to learn how to get the most out of your UAN sidedress application with Extract PBA. 

Watch the Webinar

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