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March 3, 2014

Report: A Look at Titan PBA from Rocking Z Acres in Wessington, SD

Posted by Elese Orrell

On a trip last year to visit the soybean fields at Rocking Z Acres in Wessington, South Dakota, Agricen's Nathan Cross strapped on a GoPro camera and headed into the field to examine how a starter application of Titan PBA is working at the farm.

Joined by grower BJ McNeil and agronomist Jason Schley, Nathan, BJ and Jason compare the root systems of soybean plants treated with Titan PBA against untreated plants.

Rocking Z's 5,000 acres of soybeans were treated with 70 lbs of MAP per acre, and the crops that Nathan, BJ, and Jason examine from the trial field were additionally treated with one gallon of Titan PBA per ton of MAP. As you will see in the video, plants from the trial field displayed longer, thicker roots.

Check out the video below!


Topics: Videos, Soybeans, South Dakota, Starter/In-Furrow Applications, Titan