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January 19, 2015

Three Considerations for Growers in 2015

Posted by Agricen

By Chris Stickler, Director, Technical Services & Research and Development, Loveland Products

With 2014’s record yields behind us, it's time to think about how to make the 2015 growing season as successful as possible. There are dozens of factors to keep in mind, but what are some of the key considerations for this year? Here are three to keep on the list for 2015: 


Make Strategic Applications

With the commodity price pressure that followed 2014’s high yields, it can be tempting to cut back on inputs to maximize profits. The most successful growers, however, tend to find alternate ways to maximize profitability. This might include addressing crop residue in a way that ensures that more nutrients are returned to the soil, or using a more efficient starter program. Both are examples of investments in higher yields this fall. Proactively and strategically investing in smart applications to maintain adequate soil nutrition levels is usually the better path to higher yields and a higher return on your total program.

Closely Monitor Fertility Levels

Last season’s record-high yields mean that more nutrients were likely removed than were fertilized for last season. Without testing current soil fertility levels and making the necessary adjustments, you might come up short on what you’ll need this year for robust yields. It will be very important in 2015 to use soil tests to ensure adequate fertility for the coming crop.

Maximize Fertilizer Efficiency

With a challenging market and high nutrient removal rates in 2014, tools and practices that maximize fertilizer efficiency are critical to this year’s success. Every tool that can pay for itself with increased yields and help drive the efficiency of your fertility program—like the fertilizer catalysts Accomplish LM and Titan PBA—will be the difference between simply getting through the year and economically thriving.

Every season and every growing program has its own unique requirements, but these three points can apply to almost any operation. Here’s to a safe and robust growing season in 2015!

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