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June 6, 2014

[Infographic] Sidedressing Nitrogen for Maximum Yields

Posted by Agricen

05-14-AGRICEN-SIDEDRESS-INFOGRAPHIC_V6_1.jpgGrowers who sidedress want to maximize their nitrogen investment - and their yields. How can they ensure that the N their plants need is in the most efficient form for plant uptake, and that it remains in the root zone for when the plants need it most?

When applied with a sidedress application of nitrogen, Accomplish® LM increases nutrient availability and root growth, while Instinct® II nitrogen stabilizer keeps N in its most efficiently used form: NH4. Together, these products allow the plant to capture more N in its most efficient form.

The Results?

Better N use efficiency and increased yields. For more details, view the infographic up close.

See the Infographic.

You can also browse our sidedress resources to learn more about enhancing sidedress nitrogen applications with biocatalyst technology.

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