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March 2, 2015

Plant Health Technologies Help Cotton Growers Take Yields Higher

Posted by Agricen

With the potential for low cotton prices, cotton growers need to make the most of their fertility investment to optimize yields and ROI on their crop. A key component of maximizing return under current conditions involves both reducing the number of trips to the field and improving the efficiency of existing fertility practices. Plant health products such as Accomplish LM and Titan are a great fit in these times. By using these products either alone or in combination to improve nutrient availability and uptake, cotton growers can make better use of their applied nutrition and enhance their nutrient use efficiency. Accomplish LM and Titan also have flexibility, showing excellent performance when applied pre-plant, in-furrow/2x2, with sidedress applications and with herbicide applications (Figures 1 & 2).


Fig 1. Cotton yield increased when Titan PBA was added to a grower’s standard treatment. Yield was further increased when Accomplish LM was also added.

Cotton_University of Arkansas_2014

Fig 2. Cotton yield increased when Accomplish LM and Titan PBA were added to a grower’s standard application in this trial conducted by the University of Arkansas. The combined application showed the highest yield increase. 

Accomplish LM and Titan provide cotton growers with excellent flexibility and a great opportunity to increase their chance for ROI on their crop without modifying their existing application schedules. 

Learn more about these products by downloading the biocatalyst technology booklet.

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