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December 4, 2015

New Extract PBA Booklet Available

Posted by Agricen


Extract Powered by Accomplish™ (Extract PBA, 6-0-0-13S) is an innovative biocatalyst specifically formulated to maximize nutrient release from crop residues. Combining the concentrated biochemistry of Accomplish® LM with ammonium thiosulfate (ATS), Extract PBA helps growers accelerate residue breakdown and access the full nutrient value of the residues in their fields.

Benefits of Extract PBA:

  • Accelerates residue breakdown
  • Maximizes nutrient release from crop residue
  • Supports easier plantability in the spring
  • Promotes more even crop emergence
  • Optimizes yield potential for next season's crop


Download our new booklet to learn more about Extract PBA and its benefits when used in the fall or with pre-emerge applications.

This booklet covers:

- Product benefits
- How Extract PBA works
- Uses and rates

Access the Booklet


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