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April 14, 2014

Alfalfa Growers Benefit from Accomplish LM and Titan PBA

Posted by Elese Orrell

Alfalfa can require high rates of phosphate and potash fertilizer for establishment and growth. One way that growers can increase the efficiency of P and K fertilizers is to add biochemical technologies to their plant nutrition programs. Accomplish LM and Titan PBA are biochemical fertilizer catalysts that can accelerate nutrient mineralization and uptake.

Two trials conducted by Crop Production Services (CPS) in Central Oregon in 2013 show the difference Accomplish LM and Titan PBA can make in irrigated alfalfa programs.

In the first trial, Titan PBA, which is formulated for use with dry fertilizer blends, was applied in the spring with MicroEssentials SZ (MESZ). The results show that adding Titan PBA to MESZ boosts alfalfa yields.


In the second trial, Accomplish LM, which is formulated for use with liquid and broadcast applications, was applied in May 2013 with the grower’s standard practice (GSP). The results show that Accomplish LM also increases yields when incorporated into alfalfa fertilizer programs.


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