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April 4, 2013

A New Generation of Plant Nutrition Technologies

Posted by Elese Orrell


As part of our name change in late February, you may have noticed that Agricen is now a Loveland Products company, reflecting our close relationship with one of the world’s leading agricultural products companies. Agricen currently produces two of Loveland’s fastest growing plant nutrition brands, Accomplish® LM and Titan® PBA, which are biochemical fertilizer catalysts designed to work with growers’ existing fertility programs.

Helping to strengthen that relationship, we recently added a new expert to our team: John Wolf, Agricen’s Director of Commercial Development. John was previously a regional nutrition manager at CPS/Loveland Products, where he worked closely with the field teams on implementing agricultural practices focused on delivering higher yields and optimal total return on investment for a range of growing programs. Since joining Agricen last summer, John has been utilizing his more than 14 years of industry experience for promoting biochemical-based solutions for efficient and sustainable plant nutrition programs.

Topics: Corporate & Community, Loveland Products