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April 22, 2013

White Paper: Biologically Sourced Tools for Sustainable Agriculture

Posted by Agricen

Agricen and sister company, Agricen Sciences, have released a new white paper. “Growing for the Future: Supporting Sustainable Agriculture with a New Generation of Biologically Sourced Tools for Plant Nutrition” provides growers with the information they need to understand biologically sourced plant nutrition and how it can help them meet sustainability goals.

The white paper describes the role that next generation biologically sourced inputs can play in making existing agricultural practices more efficient and productive while addressing the demand for sustainability. The paper also illustrates the efficacy of Agricen’s product technologies through case studies for SoilBuilder™ and Accomplish® LM, two biochemical fertilizer catalysts manufactured by Agricen.

Over the past decade, new biological and biochemical plant nutrition technologies have been developed that enhance agricultural sustainability and increase yields. These advancements have been accompanied by a growing understanding of how these product technologies work within the soil-plant system, fueled by the availability of new scientific tools and methods for molecular and genetic analysis. Agricen and Agricen Sciences have been at the forefront in the research, development and delivery of new products in this growing field.

Please read the full white paper here.

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Topics: Sustainability, Plant Nutrition & Health, SoilBuilder, Accomplish LM, Ag Biologicals & Biostimulants