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December 11, 2014

Accomplish LM and Titan PBA: Even Better Together

Posted by Agricen

Since both Accomplish LM and Titan PBA are based on the same biochemical technology, many growers who use these products ask which is the better one to use. Should they use Accomplish LM when they make one of their liquid applications? Or should they use Titan PBA when they make a dry fertilizer application? Does one give them a better “bang for their buck”?


Each grower has different practices and deals with different growing conditions—conditions that can change by crop, by region or even by year—so it is difficult to make a broad prescription. The data we do see come in from across the country—whether from university or USDA-ARS trials, trials by Crop Production Services (the exclusive distributor of Accomplish LM and Titan PBA in the US), or on-farm trials conducted by growers who are interested in these biochemical products—shows that both Accomplish LM and Titan PBA can improve nutrient use efficiency and help optimize yield potential across a variety of crops, growing practices and growing conditions. Moreover, we are seeing more and more data on the benefits of using both of these products on the same acre in the same growing cycle. You can read more about the power of these two products together here, and view some of recent data below that shows how well Accomplish LM and Titan PBA perform on the same acre.







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