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November 3, 2015

Accomplish LM Adds Bushels to Arkansas Rice

Posted by Agricen

Rice_ArkansasUsing Accomplish LM in a plant nutrition program is a great way to add more bushels to your yield. Just ask Alex Dean, an independent crop consultant and founder of Dean Crop Services, located in Northeastern Arkansas.

After hearing about Accomplish LM, Alex had one of his grower clients put it to the test.

“I have a grower who likes to stay up-to-date on the latest products. He’s been using Black Label Zn in his rice fertility program for the past three years, with really nice results. After I learned about Accomplish LM, I asked him to try it out with Black Label Zn on a test plot,” says Alex.

The grower tested a fertility program with and without Accomplish LM on two adjacent 40-acre rice fields. Both fields had 4-5 levees, but only the levees in the untreated field were planted.

“We saw a nice yield bump in the Accomplish LM plot, with a rise of 6 bushels per acre,” said Alex. “That’s an increase I’m really happy with, and it even underestimates what Accomplish LM can do since the levees in that field weren’t planted. The grower usually see an additional 5 bushel yield bump when he plants those levees, and that’s without Accomplish LM.”

 Rice Trial_Northeastern Arkansas

“Accomplish LM really helped us get even more benefit out of Black Label Zn,” said Alex. “My grower will definitely be using it again, and I’ll certainly be recommending it to my other clients.”

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