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March 18, 2014

A Quick Look at Accomplish LM with 10-34-0, RiseR and Black Label Zn

Posted by Agricen

Growers who use Accomplish LM in their starter programs see the benefits of improved early plant growth and increased yields at the end of the season.

The superior early performance of corn grown with Accomplish LM + RiseR is noticeable just 30 days after planting (Figure 1), with better plant growth and root development compared to a starter program without Accomplish LM.


Figure 1. Better early plant performance when Accomplish LM is added to a starter fertilizer program in corn.

Yields in these corn trials are higher with starter fertilizer, especially when Accomplish LM is added to the application (Figure 2).


Figure 2. Higher yields with Accomplish LM in a starter fertilizer program in corn.

Learn more about Accomplish LM by downloading the Accomplish LM product booklet.

Download the Accomplish LM Booklet

Topics: Starter/In-Furrow Applications, Corn, Indiana, Accomplish LM, Kentucky, Nebraska